Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Gabose & Mussa Event Planning and Hire are devoted to making your special day a magical one.We ensure your big day is enjoyable and stress-free experience.  G & M are here to help you turn your vision for your big day into a reality.If you don’t have a vision or are uncertain about how you want your event to be, DO NOT panic. With G & M we will be able to assist you increating a unique design tailored made to yourstyle by hiring us as your event planners. If you book with us, you will receive 10% off of our hire products! We’d love to hear from you to discuss the vision for your special day, so please get in touch with us.

Wedding of Sabrah & Osman

Wedding of Madani & Buder

Wedding of  Asma of Abdullahi

Tom and Farida’s wedding

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