Our Partners

Zainab & Fatima


From sister in laws to partners in crime, the creative duo behind in• dulge dreamt of creating a glamorous dessert table concept that leads the entire event industry. 

Pushing boundaries of  flavour and aesthetics Zainab & Fatima infuse creativity and flair with traditional and modern day flavours to create show-stopping Strawberry towers and luxe desserts that will be the highlight of your events.




With the demand for halal bakes on the rise, this one man team continually seeks to present a wide array of desserts at affordable prices.  With a focus on the inclusion and modernisation of South East Asian ingredients and flavours into the bakes, this provides everyone a taste so unique, it’s unforgettable.  Flexible with orders and always up for a challenge, enquire within!



Mila’s Bites 

Elegant desserts that breezed by the Libyan and Italian culture It’s a homemade desserts which made with love and passion and can match all your event’s themes.



We are a catering business which specialise in halal  bakery & pastries. I love what I do & so far received overwhelming support for the service I provide. At Zuhur Pastries flavour & presentation go hand in hand. And once you see our prices, you definitely will never go  anywhere else again.



Butter.Creamery specialises in creating elegant floral cupcakes, cakes, painted macarons and henna cookies.  Our bestselling cupcake bouquets are getting so much love as they are not only visually stunning but they are scrumptious to eat too.  All our produce are baked from the scratch using the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure your special moments even sweeter.
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