Our Story

We created G&M events for our Love of pretty things. We take inspiration from the natural world around us – be it the vibrancy of flowers, the freshness of green grass, the sparkle of the night sky or the pink-blue hues across the morning horizon.

Who Are We

 Nejima is a Somali-born, New Zealand raised, nurse. Creative minded, lover of pretty dresses and all things quirky. Furqana is an Somali-born, Australian raised, nurse. The logistics girl-boss behind G&M, camera-shy, fun loving soul.

Starting event planning for our family and friends, we quickly gained notoriety for creating magical spaces characterised by elegance, an abundance of floras and generous amounts of feminine glam. 

Growing up we enjoyed a wonderful childhood, despite the struggles migrant families go through. English was not our first language but through art, we found a way of expressing ourselves that became the bedrock for our self-belief. This belief allowed us to go to university, become nurses and start our G&M events and hire.

Creating Magic

When working with clients we ask – ‘What makes you unique?’ By getting to know you, we create a vision by understanding your individual character and tastes. We want to be there to create important milestones in your life that will be remembered forever.



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